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musiclims's Journal

Music Last Icon Maker Standing
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Welcome all! This is a LIMS (Last Icon Maker Standing) community dedicated to music. My main goal within the challenges is to try to include all genres of music, the music I love and the music that all the participants love. Anyone can sign up.

1) You must be signed up for the round to participate. You can sign up for round one here.
2) All icons must follow lj standards (100x100 px max and under 40kb).
3) You must enter each round until you are eliminated, otherwise you will forgeit your bye or, if your by has already been used, you will be disqualified.
4) Each week I will give a few different pictures that you can choose to work with. You must use only the images that I provide. If there's a particular musician that you would like to see in a challenge, let me know over at the suggestion post.
5) One or more people will be voted off each round. Once you have been voted off, you can no longer participate in challenges.
6) Anyone can vote, you don't have to be a participant to do so. When voting, choose the three icons you want voted out based on technical quality, not personal tastes. You should include with your vote a legitimate reason for voting for that icon, such as "the image is oversharpened," not "the style sucks."
7) I will give you all positive and negative comments on your icons after voting is closed if you ask for them.
8) Keep your icon anonymous until voting is over with.
9) Finally, I will post who made what icon in the results post, unless the icon maker wishes to stay anonymous after the challenge is over.

Wednesday: New challenges will be posted.
Sunday: Deadline. Voting will be posted.
Tuesday: Results will be posted, unless there are not enough votes.

3 doors down, 30 seconds to mars, afi, all-american rejects, antiskeptic, architecture in helsinki, arctic monkeys, ashlee simpson, avril lavigne, baumer, ben folds, ben kweller, ben lee, billie holiday, black eyed peas, bloc party, brand new, breaking benjamin, cab calloway, charlotte martin, chevelle, christina aguilera, collective soul, creed, danger doom, de la soul, death cab for cutie, disturbed, dixie chicks, doves, ella fitzgerald, emiliana torrini, eminem, evanescence, fall out boy, fiona apple, foo fighters, fuel, gnarls barkley, goo goo dolls, gorillaz, green day, gwen stefani, hawthorne heights, hilary duff, hinder, iron and wine, james blunt, jay-z, jenny lewis, jessica simpson, jewel, johnathan rice, johnny cash, jojo, judy garland, kanye west, kelly clarkson, kidneythieves, kt tunstall, lacuna coil, led zeppelin, lifehouse, linkin park, live, lostprophets, mariah carey, metallica, mew, mewithoutyou, mia, michelle branch, missy elliot, missy higgins, modest mouse, muse, music, my chemical romance, natasha bedingfield, nelly furtado, nightmare of you, no doubt, ok go, outkast, panic! at the disco, pearl jam, pedro the lion, pink, pod, poe, pony up, queen, red hot chili peppers, regina spektor, rihanna, rilo kiley, saliva, sarah blasko, say anything, seether, shakira, smashing pumpkins, smile empty soul, snow patrol, spice girls, spoon, staind, stereophonics, stone temple pilots, sufjan stevens, sugarcult, sum 41, system of a down, taking back sunday, talking heads, taproot, tegan and sara, the beatles, the calling, the clash, the dresdon dolls, the fray, the gathering, the like, the ramones, the shins, the subways, the used, the who, three days grace, tilly and the wall, tool, tori amos, trapt, vanessa carlton, vedera, weezer, will smith